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About Us

Enjoy real benefits and rewards on your accrue investing.

Proledgr is an online investment plan that is based in UK. Proledgr provides you a risk free, easy and benefit reaping range of investment plans that allows you to chose from a range of currencies to invest in. Here at Proledgr we value the investments you make. Our expert team invests these amounts in global market and through this along with arbitraging we develop profits that is what you earn as your returns !! A guarantee of quality and scope of definite growth , Proledgr not only promises you returns but you can also withdraw your profits into your accounts hassle free . So why hesitate , Join Proledgr Now .. where your investments meet soaring returns.

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A range of investment plan allowing investments in your choice of coin, guaranteeing security, good returns on your invested amount and instant withdrawals.


About Proledgr

A range of investment plan allowing investments in your choice of coin, guaranteeing security, good returns on your invested amount and instant withdrawals.

Authenticity & Reliability

Our main goal is to provide you a balanced and risk-protected investment portfolio that s risk free and holds quality.


Investments without profits is no investments at all. The best online investment plans revolutionizing the market with lowest investing amount with higher returns

Instant Withdrawals

We do not hold back what you have earned. Get instant withdrawals whenever you feel like. Your returns are credited to your account in just a few clicks!

Saving & Investments

We innovate systematic, continuously and success innovate system, That continuously done.

Investment Plans Promising
Growth & reliabilty

Proledgr allows growth on invested cryptocurrency with a relatively quick increase in wealth, instant payouts on your earning reducing the risks! An exciting start for individuals planning affordable investments and guarantee.

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Proledgr a financial conglomerate that works in England and acts as administrator of investment assets by managing the funds invested providing good returns .

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We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We will show the way to successive. (Change this to :)

Proledgr is the first ever online investment platform that allows you to invest in small amount in multiple payment methods with good growth rate and instant withdrawals!!

Proledgr....Where investments meets soaring returns!!

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Profitable Plans

Proledgr brings you one of the most promising plans to increase your capital. You can invest in range of plans , with your choice of payment method. Plan is innovative and much more reliable .Quality Investments and efficient profitability.

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Instant Withdrawal

Hassle free and worry free withdrawals . Get your earnings you're your accounts by simple clicks. No admin approvals required. Your investment will generate profit and that is purely yours to have.

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Dedicated Team

At Proledgr we pledge to take care of what you have invested , plan accordingly, experts work on invested capitals to generate profits for you to have . Good support team to resolve any issues. We value our investors!!